111: The eBay Queen Reveals – Suzie Eads

Suzie is an eBay seller with over 20 years experience. Over the years, she's learned to adapt her business to an ever-changing marketplace. In doing so, she's sold to a variety of different customers.

She also writes an eBay advice column and manages eBay for a major catalog company.

Interesting Notes

  • Suzie started selling on eBay in 1998 — a time when not a lot of people knew what eBay was.
  • At the time she started on eBay, she had a newborn, a 3-year-old, and a 7th grader whom she had homeschool.
  • She thought of ways on how she could earn money and stay home. In secret, she bought 3 pieces of GI Joe Masterpiece Edition action figures. They were $85, yet she got them at 70% off. She was able to sell one piece for a $175. Another piece is sold $125, and the other piece is sold for $150.
  • Seeing the profit Suzie made, her husband encouraged her to do it again.
  • Suzie would go to auctions. She would buy stuff that she did not mean because she wanted one thing in the box. She started selling antiques, collectibles, and stuff that she had around the house.
  • She would take a couple of categories at night and search by highest price. She would look at the sold stuff. Not only did she see the highest price of things sold, but also she could figure out what things sold. That made her an authority.
  • She admits that she is not a good researcher. She is more of a “fly by the city” type. She is the kind that would spend this much money to see if she can sell it.
  • Today, Suzie does not only runs her own eBay store. She also manages the eBay (Victorian Trading Company) and Amazon businesses of a catalog company.
  • The Victorian Trading Company has its own warehouse. Suzie goes there almost every day to make sure that stuff are ship out.
  • Suzie's only credential is that she has been doing eBay for so long. Doing eBay gives her a challenge.
  • She cited that one of the major changes in eBay is the policy that sellers cannot leave a negative feedback for buyers.
  • She is not ecstatic on the Returns Policy, but she is happy with it. She is glad that eBay has a return process. It makes returns easier and you can customize it. It moves eBay sellers from being somebody working out of the basement to somebody who is working in the basement and operating the whole business.
  • When September 11 happened, she noticed that nobody wanted to buy Grandma's dishes anymore. Nobody wanted to buy the antiques and collectibles that she knew about. She thought she needs to change. So, she searched for things that people need even at a time of crisis. She found a way to buy stuff from either the manufacturer or close up stores.
  • eBay is something that Suzie can do and involves her children in, and make money. Through eBay, they were able to pay the land that they had, and build a bigger house.
  • Her husband does the bookkeeping, while she does the sourcing and listing. Their kids help in their eBay biz too. Her daughter helps Suzie list, takes pictures, and ships out all packages. She also writes stuff. Her 12 and 14-year-old sons sort, carry and move stuff for her.
  • Suzie and her husband manage to impart the entrepreneurial spirit with their children. Her 21-year-old son has his own IT Security business. Her two 18-year-old daughters have their own businesses too. One manages a dance studio with 155 students, while the other has an art studio with 20 students. Their eldest works in their family business.
  • Suzie has a schedule that she tries to follow every day. Her children have their own schedule too. Suzie makes it sure that her children follow their schedule too. They are happy with themselves if, at the end of the day, they get everything done. If they did not, then they try harder the next day.
  • She learned a long time ago that dropshipping is not a good business. She owns all the products that she has in their BigDaddysMoney eBay account. Their house is the storage of their stuff.
  • Suzie taught about eBay for a long time. She writes weekly in Herald, in an eBay advice column.
  • She likes the shopping part of eBay. She loves doing eBay, and enjoy home with her kids. Her work does not feel like work because she is having fun.
  • Together with her family, they manage to remain as top rated seller in both eBay IDs. They ship things out within 24 hours. They have a schedule that they follow. They work through the night until everything is done.
  • She hopes that their eBay business would continue for a long time.

Advice, Tips, and Tricks

  • 1. Treat your eBay work like it is a business. If you say, you will work at 9 o'clock, then be at your computer and start working at 9 o'clock.
  • 2. Make sure, that like you are going to work in some place, your kids have everything that they need and you did all the needed household chores.
  • 3. You are not going to answer your phone. Nobody is going to bother you. You are there to work like you are at the real place of business.
  • 4. She sets a daily goal. Her goal is to write up ten (10) things a day. Every day, she would write up and get ready before listing her items. If she could get the ten (10) items written up then she is free to do what else she needs to do.


  • “Everybody has a threshold for money.”
  • “There is a method to the madness.” – Ron LaBeau
  • “I just get up and try to be awesome every day!”
  • “Once you know how to write things up and you know where to get the products, things will be a lot easier.”
  • “Real entrepreneurs do not become employees.” – Ron LaBeau
  • “Treat it (eBay) like it is a business.”


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