065: The McGyver – Tim Taylor

Tim worked as an electrician and DJ out of high school. One day, just before his 19th birthday while picking up pizza for dinner he was involved in an automobile accident. Seven days later he woke up in the hospital with the news that he was paralyzed from the chest down. Tim tries not to let things get him down but rather is motivated to overcome obstacles in life. He has become quite the McGyver of problem-solving. He has been a DJ since 1998, and he started selling at his dads' flea market 3 years ago. Tim has been selling on eBay for a year now and was addicted after the very first sale when He heard that Cha-Ching on his phone. He hasn't found his niche yet but says he will. For now, he's been doing well selling unique items and collectibles. You can find him at his eBay Store, ttuniques where you can find great gift ideas or just something cool to add to your collection.

Interesting Notes

  • As a DJ, Tim loves all kinds of music and plays anything that you need to get you up and moving.
  • His accident left him an injury level just below his chest area and a little hand mobility issues.
  • He uses a power wheelchair to go around and his brains to get him through the daily living.
  • He used to text with his chin and it gets sore. Now, he uses his iPhone to run his eBay business.
  • Tim never thought about selling on eBay. But when he stumbled on thrift hunters' show, he reached out to them, and Jason Smith helped him through, introduced him to eBay groups who really helped him get into selling and figures out the best rules and practices and just be a good seller.
  • He admitted that he is scared at first to take the leap and sell on eBay, but did it anyway.
  • Selling on eBay helps him tremendously especially on his finances. It pays off great because he never got issues on paying bills, Christmas shopping, or fixing his van.
  • He has four (4) helpers who help him out in his daily living as well as in his eBay business. Tim does the listing while his helpers help him in taking photos, sourcing, and product price research.
  • One day, while sourcing, Tim ran into an obstacle. He wanted to get into a store, but there are no ramps, only stairs. A small step is a big obstacle for him to get into that store. So he went home and did some thinking. He found a local lumber yard and ended up making his own ramp, found his way through, and overcame the hurdle of getting up that stairs.
  • To Tim, the flea market is missing one thing and that is Cha-Ching. The cash register is okay, but it is not the same as it is on your phone.
  • Getting a good feedback is one thing that helps him feel great. He finds fulfillment in bringing to people, on time, the thing that they have been looking for so long.
  • To know what to buy, Tim looks up an item on eBay and checks out the sold and the completed. He sells old vintage collectibles like electronics, projectors, Elvis Presley mugs, and clothing which he thinks he needs or somebody else needs like those of the thrifting groups.
  • He also sells unique stuff that catches his eyes, like the purse made of a candy wrap, and weird stuff that somebody might want for a gift.
  • Tim also talks to other sellers that are willing to help him try to find good products.
  • For his photos, Tim uses a sheet he got from the thrift store and lamp plates for his lighting just for now until he can make a decent amount and can upgrade his lighting and background.
  • Tim does the editing and cropping of his photos. He tries to take pictures in a good angle and lists well and be the best seller that he can be.
  • He adapts the best offer. If it's a generous and good offer, Tim accepts it all the time. He always runs a sale because it brings people to take notice on his items a bit more. He also runs a sale so he can take a feel for things until he gets better at selling.
  • To Tim, eBay groups are very helpful and very knowledgeable if you have a question for almost anything. He never had a question unanswered.
  • For now, Tim charges for shipping until he can learn more and in-depth about shipping. In his first couple of weeks as eBay seller, he did not have a scale. So he advised anybody out there who does not have a scale to get one that could really help out.
  • Right now, he wants to continue running his eBay store and see what happens as it grows itself. If he can do both flea market and eBay at the same time, then he will. He plans to continue listening to a podcast and ask people for help if he needs it.
  • Tim wants to inspire others.


  • “As long as you are happy and have a good time; that is all that matters.”
  • “As an eBay seller, you've come to know what you are looking for.”
  • “It is easier purchasing than selling, but once you learn how to sell, it's like second nature. You just jump right in.”
  • “Anybody can do eBay. It is very user-friendly.”
  • “You can only go up if you can learn from your mistakes.”
  • “There are a lot of people out there who are willing to help.”
  • “If I can do it, many others can do it as well.”
  • “Mobility issues are disabilities that can be overcome. If they can do it, I can do it.”


  • iPhone

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