028: Tyler Conlin – From Bankruptcy to Over 1 Million Dollars per Year

Tyler Conlin is a chronic entrepreneur having started companies in several industries including sporting goods, women’s fashion, antiperspirant, and real estate. He is a self-proclaimed recovering micromanager. After going bankrupt in 2009, Tyler realized good ideas were not enough so he learned about business finances. Since the bankruptcy he has started several companies that gross over 1 million dollars per year.


Tyler’s bankruptcy was caused by reluctance to use eBay and lack of other outlets early on. The company spent lots of money without good business practices until debt was out of control. This and the economic down turn bankrupted the company.


Tyler learned to do his own accounting. He needed to understand basic finance, avoid excessive debt and to not become overleveraged with inventory.

Current Business

Tyler’s Company is on the INC (Magazine) 5000 list as one of fastest growing companies of 2014. Tyler does his own research by watching eBay listing and sales. In early 2015, Tyler sold the women’s boutique fashion business, leaving sporting goods as their main business. He says that you will have the most success in your own niche and demographic if you are a customer for your products.

Helpful Tools:

Tyler prefers Mac laptops for his entire staff. They use Channel advisor to manage both eBay and Amazon listings.

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