025: Viktor Levitin – Co-Founder of CrazyLister

Viktor Levitin is the Co-founder at CrazyLister, a super easy Drag ‘n Drop editor for eBay sellers. He is the CEO of the LGO group, an award winning eCommerce company. LGO Group provides eCommerce and conversion optimization services to leading brands.


Viktor says you have to embrace failure, He quotes Winston Churchill, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure, without losing your enthusiasm.” They had to let go of 40 percent of their staff. To him, it means they did not plan correctly.


Crazylister brought something new to the community that helps to get the highest conversion rate on eBay, increased conversion rate by 220 percent.

Current Business

Crazylister works from offices in Haifa (Israel) and in the UK, creating a drag and drop eBay platform that eBay listers can use to create listings that look better and create better conversions. They listen to comments and react to feedback to find out what really works.

Helpful Tools:

Viktor really likes Google Calendar. They use TeraPeak to analyze the market and believe in with solid foot work and live research.

Contact Information

  • Viktor is very active on Facebook. Friend him by searching for his whole name, Viktor Levitin.
  • Go to crazylister.com.
  • His email address is ceo@crazylister.com