048: Brothers in Business – Vincenzo Barranca

Vincenzo started his professional life as an artist with 2 Bachelor of Fine Art degrees from Savannah College of Design in 2000 but quickly saw that the way to go was in Development and e-commerce. Since then he became a self taught Web Developer and DBA that started at the bottom and rose all the way up to Director of IT for fortune 500's and small 10 million dollar companies. His brother had a hobby to gain some extra income while being active duty Air Force that Vinchenzo saw a lot of potential in. So he quit his 9-5 job to partner and grow his hobby into a full blown ecommerce shop and hasn't looked back.

Interesting Notes

  • Vincenzo's partnership with his brother started with low budget equipment, but with his brother's dreams and vision and his expertise in search engine marketing and search engine optimization he learned from working with an ecommerce company, they keep on growing.
  • Website visitors have grown from 22,000 to 40 million in one year by just doing organic search and applying his knowledge in SEO and eBay optimization.
  • In 12 months, 1782 positive feedbacks with zero negative by plugging in every app to any electronic he has so he can respond anytime that he is not sleeping.
  • Outrageously 45% return customer rate.
  • Made everything in house to order and are processed within 24 hours. Some are done on the same day; others are done within 24 hours.
  • They employ other veterans and young college kids who need a job to pay bills; focus on helping people when they hire people.
  • Segue from doing everything because of the need to expand. They hire employees for ground work so as to allow them to do research on eBay, on the market and in designs to come up with ideas constantly and adding products constantly.
  • From Washington, DC to Baltimore, Maryland, Vincenzo relocated to Florida to cut his expenses down to 40%.
  • He uses a template system, an all-in-one area for their eBay transactions.
  • To prevent negative feedback, he uses eBay's automated email. He sends out two (2) automated emails: a 1 day after ship notification with tracking number and another is an, after 5 day email notification when expecting the package delivery.
  • They keep on spreading their niche to fill in the ebbs and flows of the business.


  • “There's no money in design and arts. I don't want to be a starving artist my whole life and so I made a move!”
  • “eBay cares about one thing – your title and then comes in the line how many you are selling per day or per week; your feedback score. They wouldn't look at your content. They don't care about your content.”
  • “It's in the title and your customer service.”
  • “As customer support, respond quickly. Don't wait 4-6 hrs. We are in the world of instant gratification when it comes to ecommerce. You need to respond within 15-30 minutes max or you gonna lose them or they're gonna start mulling over their head that you don't care.”
  • “It is a lot of work. I sacrifice a lot.”
  • “The other key to your businesses on eBay is to have a niche.”
  • “What is it that you are doing differently than everybody else? That's what you have to ask yourself and that's how you become successful.”
  • “You don't mess with the company that is paying your paycheck. You do their work first and then you do your work later.”
  • “It's perseverance!”
  • “The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.”
  • “Your first one may not work. It is like riding a bike, you fell off and you get ride back on it, then you try again. Try, try, try, and one day it will work out.”
  • “Finding your niche; doing research; and just slowly building up and then eventually you came to a point where you can do a transition.”
  • “Get your priorities straight!”
  • “Find the products that fit and fill in those needs.”


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