014: Yetta Wieland – One Foot in Front of the Other

Yetta Wieland has been selling on eBay since 2003 and has been an eBay user since 1997. She has about 20,000 transactions, is a top rated power seller and an eBay education specialist (soon to be called eBay University).  Yetta specializes in vintage housewares, clothing, dinnerware, and glass. Recently began selling toys, both vintage and new.

Impact Person

Yetta explains that it was a lot of people, really.


Yetta has had “bad” days and good days with eBay, she says you have to get on the horse again and go on. She tried consignment, it was alot of work and not very rewarding, so she doesn't recommend it.


Yetta wandered into worlds she knew nothing about, like consignment sales of He man toys, and her late husbands' car brochures from the 50's.

Interesting Moments:Selling the car brochures was very rewarding and an eye opener.
Yetta has a 1400 square foot basement where she manages her ebay business. She has employees to help, a photo studio and strict rules on buying things for store.

Interesting Moments

“Three sentences and Im out, nobody wants to read,  they wanna see pictures”
“One foot in front of the other, just like we get thru every other part of life”

Useful Tools

  • Amazon Price app
  • Ebay selling manager pro
  • Stamps.com
  • TeraPeak
  • Worthpoint.com

Contact Information

  • eBay Store -eauctionmaven
  • website: eauctionmaven.com
  • email: eauctionmaven@gmail.com